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Dr. Park is an amazing doctor. On our first visit there he was welcoming, warm, kind and compassionate as well as intelligent and well-spoken. When I asked him what I thought he might think was a silly question, he replied "No question is silly if you have a question, I will do my best to answer it".   He DID NOT rush us out of his office but gave us as much time as we needed because we did indeed have a lot of questions. His office is small but clean and loaded with experience and extremely friendly, helpful and polite staff.  My dad is 94 years old and the most important person in my life, and each and every person in that office has made him feel like he is part of their family.  I will forever be grateful to Dr. Park and his staff for their professionalism and kindness. - Carolyn C 

I highly recommend Dr. Peter Park. He is such a wonderful person and an amazing doctor. He is kind and patient and he explains what he is doing. His staff is beyond amazing -- they are all friendly, sweet and so knowledgeable. I honestly could not have gotten through the procedures without them in the room with me. From the front desk to the technicians, every one of them is just amazing. - Kelly M

I have been seeing Dr. Park for over 3 years and I can't express enough how much he has helped me. He spends all the time you need explaining things and also explains while he is doing a procedure exactly what he's doing and what he sees. He's a wonderful Doctor and a very nice man. - Richard G

Dr. Park is an amazing doctor. He truly cares about his patients and is thorough when explaining procedures. I had severe varicose veins and he performed the endovenous ablation procedure. The relief I had after undergoing this procedure was unbelievable. My heaviness and swelling were reduced and the bulging ugly veins have subsided. I recommend him to anyone! He is on call 24/7 and you can always get in touch with him if needed.- Sandra T

Great physician!! Absolutely love this office!! Dr. Park was very patient and thorough during my office visits. Would highly recommend him to anyone. Staff Great!!!! - Judith in Parlin NJ

Very knowledgeable doctor. Explained procedure that was needed. Friendly and caring staff. 

- Helaine V

Such a great doctor! Very sharp, thorough, cares and is trustworthy. - Brett M

Amazing doctor and the staff is great! I wouldn’t trust anyone else. - Mary C

My leg swelling and pain went away almost immediately after Dr. Park performed endovenous ablation. My legs look terrific since the varicose veins went away. 

- Michelle C

I am delighted to have the procedure done and am very happy...everything has worked out beautifully! - Danielle E

I was not able to walk from the car to the store before my angioplasty procedure with Dr. I'm running! - Justin T

Thanks to Dr. Park, I was able to get rid of my fibroid symptoms without surgery...

I went home the same day. - Jen B

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